Ramadaan, day 29

The End 😥 . It came after a few hours of “Is tomorrow Eid, or is it Sunday?” And then, it was decided throughout California, that Saturday is our Eid. Alhamdulillah. It would have been nice to have a bonus day of fasting though! But, this is the end of the Ramadaan of 1428 AH. It will take me a while to absorb the lessons of this year’s Ramadaan, and it will take me a while to decide what I will do differently next year…if I get to see this blessed guest again. But, inshaAllah, the couple of good habits I must surely have learned will persist till next year.

Eid Mubarak to all you lovelies in the States, in Canada, and abroad. May your Eid be full of barakah, full of love, full of happiness, and full of food! 😀


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5 Responses to Ramadaan, day 29

  1. salam ‘alaykum

    i dont really drop by often but today i had a mad urge to visit this blog and what can I say all the pics on the side…..EYE CANDY!!!!

    the sweets and deserts look gorgeous – y u m m y!

    3eed sa3eed sister 🙂


  2. mehru says:

    Eid Mubarak sis! hope you had a good one 🙂

  3. Sumera, mehru, queenie, Thank you! And yes, alhamdulillah, it was awesome! 😀 Hope yours all went great too!

    Umm Shurahbeel, Wa Alaykum Assalaam, Hope you had a wonderful Eid weekend! Glad the eye candy made your visit a happy one 🙂

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