This Niqabi’s Eid

This Eid was expected to be spent with some out-of-town guests, but something happened (still don’t know what), and we ended up being by ourselves. Well, how boring is it to sit here and stare at each other’s gorgeous faces on a cloudy, rainy Eid day? Very boring. So, we decided to head out to Beverly Hills, to gaze into the windows of shops in which the super-rich whither their time away. We got lost on the way there (bro was driving and dad gave the directions, so go figure! 😛 ), ended up in Santa Monica, where a half-naked, middle-aged, blond man just back from the beach was brushing off the sea-sand from his body, and he was kind enough to give us proper directions. Well, this is already more exciting than sitting at home, eh?!

Bro drops us off in front of the Chanel store, while he goes to park the car, saving us the bother of a super-long walk. It’s not that I am lazy to walk…it’s just that it was Eid, so I refused to wear walking shoes, and preferred my silver heeled sandals…leading to the obvious fact that too much walking would be detrimental to the health of my feet. Well, as sis and I are standing in front of Chanel, taking a picture of this coat, which has large gob-stopper-like beads all along the front edge and collar….


….some old man with an accent of indistinguishable Middle Eastern origin passes by, and asks his companion, “Is it Halloween?” I should have told him “I have the costume, you have the accent…but oh well! you’re too old for me!” but he walked by too fast for me to say anything. Chicken!

Then, we went into a few stores, and all the sales people followed us around, thinking we were rich Saudis with oil-tankers of money to spill…but we set them straight a couple times, when they asked if we “are visiting?…or do you live around here?” We said “Visting…from {insert name of poor city}” and of course, when they heard that, they ran away and left us alone! 😀 God, how sad must it be to be rich and bugged by sales people while you shop?! I was actually glad to be poor, for a change! 😆 And I’ll let you guess the ethnic origin of the sales-women, just to make things interesting 😉


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  1. batoota says:

    oh no, my pretty! oh no, you don’t! you’re not leaving us with such a suspenseful ending!! What was her ethnic origin?? 😀 Do tell!

    Oh my goodness, sooOO annoying about that “Halloween” comment. What a rude thing to say, especially during Eid!

    Laughing at the whole sales person bothering you and then leaving you when they found out you were “poor”…Sales people here who aren’t from the Middle East tend to think i’m a rich Emarati– never leave me and my sisters alone 😉

  2. Can you help me with this?

    Blog about your favorite blogger day is October 27th, 2007
    Spread the word please.

  3. batootati, sorry deario for neglecting my bloggie, and more importantly, your comment! She was Middle Eastern, proudly Iranian and Muslim, as a matter of fact! Not that Iranians are shallow like that, just an interesting observation that even our own can treat us like we’re too dumb to know anything just because we are all wrapped up. Oh well! 😀 And 😯 you’re not a rich Emarati?! Be gone with ye! (Totally kidding…)

    Rebellious, Done…2 days late and a few lines short…forgive me!

  4. sacrosanct says:


    that’s soo annoying!!

  5. sacrosanct, it’s beyond aggravating…yet gives me chuckle to see how lame these “open-minded” people can be. I hope I never have to become that open-minded!

  6. Em says:

    Salaams Babes

    Eid Mubarak..I know its late..Been really busy…

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