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Clean up this act

Back a few months ago, WordPress did something weird to the Categories functionality, and the end result was that links and posts that shared the same category got messed up. Actually, the category on the posts disappeared altogether, and it … Continue reading

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Oh nooooo!

How weird do you’ll think I am?! And do I have to do this tag? 😯 Hmm…okay…fine…I will! But this is the last, y’all hear? *puts her foot down* Pfft! 😉 I never understand the hype around food. There are … Continue reading

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She was slowly shoving at the dirt beneath the swings she was sitting on that first day of school, all alone. I joined her, because there was something about her that said she was just like me; I later learned … Continue reading

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Queenie turned me onto this quite awesome idea called x365, wherein the idea is to go down memory lane, acknowledging (and sometimes castigating 😉 ) the people who have left a mark on your life, blogging about one person everyday. … Continue reading

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Do others have control over you?

One of my classmates had a really interesting presentation about “the self”, which I thought I would share. Some people use the excuse that others control their emotions, that they feel the way they do because of a family member, … Continue reading

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Protected: Weirdo!

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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Barely half a page…

I’ve barely gotten through a half page of my essay, and I’m hungry. Like usually I could care less about eating, but now off all moments the thought of food seems rather appealing. Except that I bit my tongue way … Continue reading

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I'm a bit weird…

So I’ve been tagged by sweet leila with the weird tag. B) There are sooo many weird things about me, yet I can’t really remember any worthy of putting down, but here goes. 😉 First though, the rules are as … Continue reading

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A word about brick walls.

No, I am not about to admit that I am a brick wall. Don’t continue to bang on them at 2 in the morning; just go to sleep.  You can always continue banging on the brick wall in the morning…it … Continue reading

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Giving Thanks…

…for the return of the geek. Yes, the geek in me has finally re-awakened, making the Digital in DigitalNiqabi relevant once again. I don’t know how this beast has been resurrected, but so long as it lives and breathes until … Continue reading

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