On the hunt

Dear People who Propose Marriage,

I would like to know, are you seeking my hand in marriage, or are you seeking the US Passport in my hand? It’s even worse when all you seem to be interested in are your own comforts and concerns. You ask if we are citizens…3 times, as if we are going to trip up and admit that we are not. (We are, btw.) You ask what I intend to do with my degree, as if you paid for it, and expect me to pay you back with interest. You ask if I like to cook, as if you want a chef who always gets the amount of salt to your liking.  Yet, you offer no details yourself, except for the fact that the dude is a doctor. Tell me, do I look like I need a doctor? Do I look unwell to you? I don’t need a doctor…I need a human being. Is that so difficult to comprehend?

In addition, you with your list of wants and needs and desires, are not in the least bit original. Why don’t you people start getting creative? Why don’t you think outside the box, and tell me what is on offer, rather than selfishly focusing on what I have to offer? Because, as the offer stands, all I can see is that I am a green-card offering machine, and once my purpose has been served, how will I know your Dr. Dude is going to stick around?

Somehow, I am just not feeling it. Call me crazy, and just don’t call me.


Not Who You Think I Am!


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9 Responses to On the hunt

  1. Aaminah says:

    Asalaamu alaikum.

    ROFL… Too funny, but too sad because it is so true! I hope the search gets better and you get some higher quality offers, inshaAllah. 🙂

  2. mehru says:

    LOL…really cracked me up “Call me crazy and just don’t call me.” but yes, it is true, and who doesn’t suffer this fate? and why, oh why for us poor muslim girls does it always have to be a doctor???

  3. noora says:

    hahaha…u made me laugh hard…from the heart…
    honestly SO TRUE!!! always asking about what YOU have to offer..yet offer u nothing..EXCUSE ME!

    “I don’t need a doctor…I need a human being” habeebti inti…love u girl and hope u get better than what u ask for

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  5. Aaminah, wa AlaykumasSalaam! ’tis quite a typical scenario, isn’t it?! I hope the weirdos lose our number…but I still refuse to search…the mythical Mr. Right has to get out his road-map and find me, while I sit pretty! 😆

    mehru, 😆 It’s always a doctor because that’s the first, second, and third profession our people think of getting into…and after that it’s the lawyers, engineers, and accountants. Really, how can they have such brains and yet be so pathetic?! Some seem to believe having a degree is their passport to getting away with arrogance…

    noora, I take it this is just too common a scenario…it’s so sad, it *is* funny! 😆 Ameen, and I hope you get better than what you wish for me! *love*

    Glad you all got a chuckle out of it…I thought I was the only one laughing at the whole sorry mess… 😀

  6. queenie says:

    Aww man. I hope the courtship process gets better!

  7. queenie, me too! Don’t they say, though, that things have to get worse before they get better? I hope this is as bad as it gets…

  8. Cyber D says:

    Hi Digital Normad, I am going through the same frustrations however, ever girl I have been to see is either a chef or a book worm. Is there no normal people in this world?

    By the way, can I recommend the following blog with articles on marriage. Its from a group of young muslim brothers. It is defiantly worth a read.


  9. Cyber D, welcome to this here blog. Hmmmmm, yes there are normal people in this world, but they are all in hiding…and thus even hidden from each other…I guess it’s just “safer” that way! I will certainly check out the hidayah blog…shukran for recommending it…

    Good luck in your search for the normal spouse!

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