That really seems to be the key to my control. Ugh. I went to put something up on the topmost shelf above my desk. Some random little object fell from the shelf, onto my laptop, popped off the Ctrl key, and then I had to spend 10 minutes searching for the little booger. As it was, I was not in the best of moods (don’t really remember why now 😕 ), and it was a real strain on my being to not just fling the laptop out the window.It’s always about Ctrl. Once, in a zealous pursuit of a dust-free life, I even vacuumed it up, and had to search for the darned trouble-maker in the vacuum bag! Luckily the vacuum bag was newly replaced in the canister…but I still ended up with dust all over me! Now, I just spray the laptop with the canned air, and forgo the vacuuming…and yet Ctrl is still out to get me! Today, it popped off, jumped down to the floor and under the dresser, and then proceeded to hop on top of a box of shoes I had there. How can Ctrl be so aggravatingly and aggressively athletic and out of reach? Why could it not have just landed on the floor in the open? Why not on top of the bed? Why in the most unlikely place? To test my control? Sheesh, I got things to do…places to go…people to avoid…and an allegedly high speed internet connection that is driving me bonkers!

Give me serenity now. Control is really a hard thing for me to get a hold of…


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  1. sacrosanct says:


    i had the same EXACT thing happen to me

    i lost d, x and alt




  2. sacrosanct, Did you ever find them again at least? I hope so! *hugs* It drives me nuts when they pop off. It seems like they deliberately make them easy to come off. Or am I being overly suspicious?

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