It is also reported that Imām Shāfiýī said: ‘I have not debated anyone in matters of Kalam except once; and I followed it by doing istighfār.’

[Siyar Aálām an-Nubalā]

aáriđ áni’l jāhili’s safīhi
fa kullu mā qāla fa huwa fīhi
fa mā đarra baĥru’l furāti yawman
in khāđa baáđu’l kilābu fīhi

Keep away from the ignoramus, the imbecile.
All that he accuses you, is present in his own self
The river Euphrates will not get polluted –
If on a day, any of the stray dogs dirties it.

Dīwān ash-Shāfiýī p.417


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