A word about brick walls.

No, I am not about to admit that I am a brick wall.

Don’t continue to bang on them at 2 in the morning; just go to sleep.  You can always continue banging on the brick wall in the morning…it will definitely still be there.


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5 Responses to A word about brick walls.

  1. queenie says:

    What, huh, who, when?

  2. queenie, Mobile programming, huh indeed!, me, last night 😥
    Oh my god, this project is going to kill me. One thing gets solved, I feel sooo triumphant, then I move to the next step, and it’s another brick wall looming up larger than life. Ah, but I am not staying up past midnight this night…I hope…

    PS: I just realized that this post really was uber-vague. Sorry about that!

  3. queenie says:

    Lool. Yeah, I kept re-reading your post thinking I was missing something! What’s this mobile programming for?

  4. fact mammal says:

    You are so much like me, or i’m like you, well anyway, if we knew each other we’d make a good team, hehe, keep up the good work

  5. queenie, I can’t believe it’s 2 am. I swore I won’t do the banging-on-a-brick-wall thing again…and here I am. It’s for my last project before I can get my Master’s. Now I know why it’s called a Master’s…and I definitely am no Master! (or whatever)

    fact mammal, I guess we’re like each other, and it’s nice knowing that I am not the only crazy one around here! 😀 J/k! Welcome to this here blog! And thank you sincerely for the kind words.

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