Do others have control over you?

One of my classmates had a really interesting presentation about “the self”, which I thought I would share. Some people use the excuse that others control their emotions, that they feel the way they do because of a family member, friend, or whoever is closest to them. But really what they’re saying is they lack self-esteem. Everybody glows when hearing praise about themselves, but some who lack the self-confidence actually depend on it, and quite possibly feel alienated when their loved ones fail to acknowledge their accomplishments, mainly because they did it so that those they love would be impressed. Those with a healthy self-esteem don’t generally need people to praise them, while naturally they will feel happy over it. But it’s all about getting back your control, and focusing on yourself. We sometimes live a life wanting others to love us and appreciate us, forgetting about what we really love and appreciate to make ourselves happy. You loose your cool when you live for others, and in the end they may not even really want your company because you’re always stressed and anxious. Think about it…and start doing something that truly gives you comfort. 🙂


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