Queenie turned me onto this quite awesome idea called x365, wherein the idea is to go down memory lane, acknowledging (and sometimes castigating 😉 ) the people who have left a mark on your life, blogging about one person everyday. At first, I thought there is no way on God’s green earth that I would have 365 people in my life, so this exercise is definitely not for me. And then names just started popping into my brain. I already have a list of about 60 people, and no they are not all angels.

The original idea is to use people’s full names. But I would not do that; I wouldn’t put my own full name on the internet, or on this here bloggie, so I definitely would not do such a thing to 365 other people. In this day and age, where employers and prospective spouses alike are very apt to run a quick Google search on potential candidates, it would be a very quick way to give anybody a wrong and one-dimensional impression of said person. So, I would more than likely just use initials or fictional first names.

This might on the surface sound like we’re back-biting, but I am not so sure. I think of it more as remembering who shaped me to become who/what I am today, and how they (perhaps inadvertently) did it. At the end of the day, this so far suits the purpose of my blog, one of which is to demonstrate the very normal, sometimes positive, sometimes negative, life of a very average Muslim woman…who happens to be veiled. We can and do have social interactions that shape us to be who and what we are; we not cut from one cloth, namely the niqaab (or the hijab); and there is a very human history that I am composed of.

And no, this is not *all* I will blog about. And yes, I *am* very likely to not continue it for too long, because that is just the way I am. We’ll see how the comfort level is.


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2 Responses to x365

  1. queenie says:

    Yeay! I’m so glad you’re doing this as well. Doesn’t it bring forth so many memories and experiences?
    But you know what’s so hard? Doing the everyday-post thing. I’m so behind!

  2. queenie, yeah I can imagine, what with my sporadic blogging ways 😳 And I thought maybe you stopped doing yours, when I didn’t see any new ones recently. Glad you did not! 🙂

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