Clean up this act

Back a few months ago, WordPress did something weird to the Categories functionality, and the end result was that links and posts that shared the same category got messed up. Actually, the category on the posts disappeared altogether, and it was quite a daunting thing to imagine going into each post, apply the category again, and then save. For every single post, to see which got messed up and which did not.

Well, today was the day to do that, or most of it. Yayness. The good thing about this exercise was that I got to read some of my older stuff with newer eyes, and go “what was I on when I wrote that?” or “why did I stop writing about that issue/problem/interest?” Hopefully, this clean up will result in better writing on this blog. For now, at least the categories for the posts up thru last Ramadaan are fixed, so now there are more posts counted in the “Islamically Oriented” and “In the News” categories…

Moral of the day: compartmentalizing things is very important to my sense of well-being. 


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