Oh nooooo!

How weird do you’ll think I am?! And do I have to do this tag? 😯 Hmm…okay…fine…I will! But this is the last, y’all hear? *puts her foot down* Pfft! 😉

  1. I never understand the hype around food. There are few times when I think about food, but on the whole seeing people go gaga over food like they’ve never seen food in their lives is creepy.
  2. I don’t really enjoy interactions with adults. I can stand people my age, because they’re young, but preferably I like lil kids. They’re so funny, cute, and innocent, while adults forget to live a little and whine over the stupidest things.
  3. I’m not really fussed about buying things. I can see something I completely love at a store, but seeing it can be enough for me, and I don’t have to walk out with it. Except for the denim jacket I bought a few years ago…and the History of Islam book series I bought recently. Those are simply exceptions though. 😉
  4. I spend way too much time talking to myself…and get sidetracked from doing other things because of it. Like, I’ll stand around talking to myself and like 10 minutes later realize my bed still isn’t made.
  5. I hate big rooms. Even big houses. I like to hang out in other people’s big rooms and look at big houses, but somehow I don’t really like ’em for myself. I’ll live with it if I have to, but y’know. lol. That said, if I ever grow up and have a big family, I would want a big house most probably, cuz cramped houses suck with big families. 😛
  6. In Ramadhaan I get really annoyed sometimes when my family gets me up for Sehri, to the point where I wanna snap at them, which I do..in my head that is. But then once I’m up, I don’t wanna go to sleep, which I have to because they’re all like go to sleep now, how can you stay up? 😕
  7. When I was a moderator on one forum, I used to really enjoyed handling the crazier (and sometimes really rude) members who drove the other mods nuts. Somehow, they always ended up being polite to me while they treated the others real meanly. I honestly wonder what happened to some of ’em…

About Thê Talkïng Pïnhêad

Just another girl who writes stuff, who thinks the world is screwed up, who believes things can change, who knows it most probably won't.
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6 Responses to Oh nooooo!

  1. suhaa says:

    masha’Allah jawharah, you seem to have a fun perspective on things and i think its your humility that keeps you basic mashaAllah. may Allah reward you and give you the best of this donia and akhira 🙂

  2. Aww, jazakillah khair for stopping by sister suhaa, and for the kind comment! 😳 I think you’re only seeing your own reflection in me though! Ameen wa iyyaki.

  3. athoofa says:


    hehe u crack me up, u really do!! especially about the food…lol i sometimes go gaga over food like i’ve never seen it before :$

    ooh and i’m glad i’m younger to u 😛

    and the last point…lol i’ve noticed that mashaAllah!!

    ps. i know what ur thinking…now she’s stalking me here too 😦 😛

  4. Wa alaikum asalaam my athoofsy, my sweet stalker. 😛

    LOL! Nah, I knowww you can’t be that bad about food. Come over anytime. 😀

  5. me says:

    jawharah u tooooooooooooo funny, but its good to be like that.

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