Mr. Zacharia

He was the busiest group member ever. Too busy, in fact, to participate in the group project! He had every reason you could ever think of for not finishing his part: got sick, had an emergency trip out of town, ran out of gas in his car, didn’t have the right textbook, job was taking too much of his time, etc. etc. etc. But he was determined to participate in at least the editing part of the project, telling me and our other partner (also a “foreigner”) that he would definitely, no matter what, come hail or hurricane, correct our PowerPoint Presentations for grammar, etc. And when the time for that came about, this is what he said:

“I’m trying to proofread it, but it’s hard, because there is nothing to correct!”


But he turned out to be a great team leader on another project we had together. I guess the lazy ones are the ones who have time and energy to push other lazy ones into getting their butts in gear, and also make them understand what needs to be done, and how. He also had a heart of gold, and always made sure I took an iftaar break during Ramadaan.


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