Dr. Strange Lady

I almost typed your real name. I must really dislike you.

I thought we were done with you, that we had seen the last of you, but you are like a vampire, always managing to come out of your coffin, finding different ways of inflicting misery. Will you never quit? Is there anybody that you have spared? I am sad to know you. You make me wish to discard my own niqaab, for fear of someone equating me with you. I hope that Allah grants you hidaya, and that He keeps me safe from you and people like you. Ameen.


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2 Responses to Dr. Strange Lady

  1. zblacktulip says:

    maybe theres some kind of hidden meaning in this, but just looking at its surface, i think i know what you mean. some of the people that are considered the best people (full hijab abaya, etc) and everyone has respect for them turn out to be vampires.
    its sad
    very sad
    we’ve had a horrible experience. so many people at our mosque have. and yet those people that haven’t refuse to accept the truth, and accept THOSE PEOPLE into our community every time they come knocking.

  2. zblacktulip, Wa Alaikum salaam, and welcome to our blog 🙂 Well, yes perhaps there is quite a bit of hidden meaning here, but you definitely got the un-hidden meaning. It’s a crappy situation, and as more people don the hijab, it will become more common; many people find it to be an easy way to make it past our natural defenses, coz who can mistrust a “pious” person? Piety is from inside out, though, not from top-down. May Allah reward you for your horrible experiences, and may He safeguard you from such in the future, ameen!

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