Men, or babies?

Ordinarily I make excuses for the dudes, and try to go easy on ’em for their crazy personalities. But I seriously can’t stand it when they act completely oppressive. And I’m talking about their emotional blackmailing here. When they’ve been shown they’re dead wrong on something, or they don’t get their way about something, and they can’t handle it so they get all pouty and tight-lipped. And that’s okay too, but what’s worse is they purposely pick fights, get annoyingly instigative, and pull all sorts of passive aggressive tactics to trap you into making the wrong move so they can pounce and make you look evil. Grow up, and behave yourself for once!


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Just another girl who writes stuff, who thinks the world is screwed up, who believes things can change, who knows it most probably won't.
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4 Responses to Men, or babies?

  1. Ouchy. That hurty. They can’t take this kinda honesty.

    Oh, and babies…overgrown ones. ‘Tain’t cute, McGee!

  2. I know. Chances are no guys will see this anyway, so I won’t havta deal with any pouting. And if there are any, bring it on. Pfft…

    I just realized I insulted babies. I do take the shame. 😳

  3. Hehe, thanks wqah. 😉 And welcome to my blog btw…I love yours! 😀

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