Ustaadh Q (5/365)

When we were back home, we used to go to a school that was all Muslim; not an Islamic school, but due to apartheid, all the students in the school were of the same “type” and thus, our public school was in some ways also an Islamic school. So, the school board integrated Islamic studies into the curriculum, and every day for an hour we would learn to read the Qur’aan, memorize short surahs, and learn basic Islamic history. One of the ustaadhs (religious teachers), was this man Q.

He was youngish (mid-30’s perhaps), always smiling, always happy and always joking. Everybody loved him, and really looked forward to the hour when he would walk in, replace our regular teacher, and proceed to do his thing…and every time I read about an ustaadh, or “molvie” or whatever they are called, being a dreadful bore, I feel so bad for the people who never knew our Ustaadh Q.

But how I dreaded that ruler he would rap our knuckles every time we made a boo-boo. He would kind of regret it too, giving us this look like “there is no other way now, I let 5 mistakes go by and didn’t do anything. Sorry. *Whack*” 😆


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  1. queenie says:

    I didn’t know you lived in South Africa at the time of apartheid. How young were you? I would love to hear about what you remember from it.

    I was never “disciplined” by a teacher when I was younger in the MidEast, I was always a good quiet student, but I do remember in first grade, my teacher was more than halfway through her pregnancy and she had a really bad temper and pulled at a boy’s ear really hard and yelled at him when he couldn’t spell his name on the chalkboard. It was so traumatizing, I had my mom move me to another first grade class.

  2. Yes, we did…we came to the State around the mid-80’s and oh, I think I can dig out a few memories of SA over the next few days 🙂
    OMG, the whole yelling scene is crazy! You know, somehow, being yelled at is worse than getting the ruler on the palms. I remember a few teachers (here) who had the yeller reputation, and was always lucky enough to never get one of those. And loool I got the ruler for being too “quiet.” 😯 Luckily it was not so frequent…I seem to remember doing a lot of standing outside in the hall by myself, and I don’t know how that was supposed to teach me anything, but that’s SA for you.

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