The Malaysian Sisters

It was after Dhuhr (in 2005), and as usual Digi N and I were sitting on one of the rugs outside Masjid al Nabawi doing our dhikr, and looking around us appreciating the beauty of Madeenah. There were two Malaysian (biological) sisters near us, and they started talking to us, asking us where we are from and made general conversation. And to side-track a bit, it’s so awesome how easily people get to “know” each other in the Haram’ain, it really does feel like you’re one happy family. Then they asked us if we had been inside Masjid al Nabawi. After telling them that we hadn’t, they went to make wudhu, and came back and told us to follow them and they’ll get us inside. It was about an hour before ‘Asr, and we followed them wondering if this was actually going to happen. They found us a spot amongst the Malaysians to sit. It was amazing, especially considering I didn’t expect to ever get inside the Masjid al Nabawi given the crowd and that I wasn’t willing to push. I never expected anybody to find a spot for us, especially when it meant they had go find some other spot for themselves! Usually, it’s the other way around, people shoving their way to get a spot, and they happily gave it up for us. Just to remind everyone, that not everyone will be as rude as it seems, and you meet the most amazing people in the beloved cities!


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6 Responses to The Malaysian Sisters

  1. wqah says:

    wow. mashAllah ure lucky. ure doing hajj this year?

  2. leila says:

    ur blessed indeed…mashaallah…if u have a chance, say salam to habeebi Rasulillah, from ur Bosnian sister… Please?

  3. Ooh, I wrote that wrong, and so it looks like it’s this year, but no, I’m not in Madeenah right now. 😦 😳 InshaAllah soon! And if I were to go, inshaAllah I would definitely remember that sis leila. *hugs* May Allah grant you both the opportunity to go yourselves soon! Ameen.

  4. Feels like yesterday. I feel so sad and yet so happy every year at Hajj time. Sad that we’re not there but happy that that millions of of ummah are going to *exactly* what we did, but with their own unique stories to last a lifetime. And happy that at least we had the chance! Alhamdulillah!

  5. athoofa says:

    mashaAllah!!! yes u have those really nice people too mashaAllah! Aw, i miss hajj 😦

  6. leila says:

    lol….no probs habibty 😀 hope i will have chance to say salaam to sayyidina Rasulillah by myself some time soon …..and make doas, holding the cover of Kaaba….ahhhh 😀

    p.s. I put this photo of Prophets mosque on my desktop, love it so much..hope u don’t mind? 🙂

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