Jamilah (7/365)

She surprised and confused the daylights out of me. I never knew any convert women before her, and I have never known anybody like her since. Sometimes, I see people who look exactly like her in the mall, or the park, or wherever: tall, white, with red hair and stunning features. The difference between them and her is that she wore the niqaab, and she was the first person I have ever known to do so. She was the best example of a niqaabi I could ever have had: modest but strong.

The best example I have of her strength was when she came to our home one night when my dad was away. The neighborhood teens were out playing softball in the street…and then they got bored, and started pounding on our front with baseballs. This happened occasionally, as this neighborhood didn’t really like the introduction of immigrants into their midst, but this was a first for her; so being an American, and not tolerant of such rudeness, she went to the door, opened it a crack, called them over, and proceeded to berate them for such un-American rudeness. They were shamed, and didn’t bother us for a very long time.


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