Life is a chaos of irony

When people say: So long as we are doing our five times prayers and have iman, its enough. No need to get all fancy and be all hijab-ed and run after the zabiha goat and all that. I’m Muslim, thats good enough.And then in the next breath: I hope I get that promotion at work. I really want to get a better car, a bigger house. I need those you know! I know I can manage that huge project that will come with the promotion, all its responsibilities, and managing such a large team is so invigorating.

How can we want everything in this world, and work like donkeys for it…and then come home and pray and thats it. Why is it so difficult for us to strive for the akhira? Is it because we cannot see it? Is it because we believe in Allah’s Mercy so much, that we are so certain He will overlook all the times that we overlook His commands?

In this post, I am yelling at myself, not you. Thanks for listening 😉


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