Mar7aba, mar7aba…

It was the week following Hajj, and my mom, sister, and I were standing in a bookstore opposite Bab al Fath of the Masjid al Haram in Makkah. We were glancing at some books, asking the men working there the prices, when one of the other men standing there turned on the nicest nasheed ever.

Mine and my sister’s eyes lit up and looked at each other like “buy it? :)” And my mom was like, definitely! It’s one of those nasheeds that stay as a favorite forever simply because every time we listen to it we have the sweet flashback of being in that sweet lil bookstore across the Haram.

If you want to download the album, I’ve made it available here.


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2 Responses to Mar7aba, mar7aba…

  1. athoofa says:

    mashaAllah beautiful!!! sooo reminds me of the streets on the way to the haram!! my lil bro is listening too and he’s dancing lol

  2. lol @ your brother! Hehe, all brothers are the same. 😉

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