Do not try run away…

Do not try to run away from trials and tribulations, but endure them with patience.
They cannot be avoided, and there is nothing for it but to endure them with patience.
How can you expect the whole of this world, and all that has been created therein, to undergo change and transformation just to suit your convenience?
The Prophets are the best of all creatures, yet they have always had to suffer afflictions and so it is for their followers, those who thread in their footsteps as they walk along their highway, emulating their example.

Shaikh Abdul Qadir al-Jilani

Ah, if only we were to remember that more often!


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Just another girl who writes stuff, who thinks the world is screwed up, who believes things can change, who knows it most probably won't.
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  1. Snowdrops says:

    Good reminder 🙂

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