Clearance rack or full price?

So, tomorrow might or might not be the first of Dhul Hijjah, as Crescent Watch has not made an announcement yet. I don’t mind the waiting, the uncertainty, because that’s just a part of the whole process involved with a lunar calendar. My friends may be doing Eid on a different day? I don’t care. So long as they have a great Eid, and can wish me a happy Eid as well, then it’s all good. But I digress.

Given the uncertainty, it’s difficult for my brother to know what date to book for his ticket home for Eid. And, seeing as how Eid is in right smack dab in the middle of the holiday season, naturally tickets are going to be more expensive the later you book it. And I got to thinking, it is so tempting to take the more “convenient” way out, and go with a pre-planned calendar.

And then I got to thinking that you know, once we put a price tag on our faith, where do we draw the line and say, “No, my faith is worth more than a one-day convenience.” Or, “Yes, my faith is worth paying an extra 50 bucks for.” Or “Yes, it’s worth the hassle for me to go out of my way to buy (and pay more for) totally zabiha meat.” And so on and so forth. Is that one of the problems we face as an Ummah, that we are probably all in a constant battle with our nafs over whether to go ahead and fork out the retail price, or go for the clearance rack with the Red-Tag 50% mark-down? If we are always resorting to the Red Tag Clearance, then why do we work so hard at chasing our degrees and aiming for the next promotion, when all of that isn’t even enough to pay for our Islamic obligations? The battle with the nafs and day-to-day realities is really no joke.


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  1. Well said dude. 😥 ❤

  2. *muah* I know I am making some compromises of my own, making this post painfully relevant. Ah.

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