Foolish Illusions

Just because somebody presents themselves as respectable and honorable members of society, doesn’t really mean they are. Naturally they will paint a beautiful picture of what a great mother or father they are, just so that their status is elevated. And then something happens. Their teenage kid, who God only knows what is running through their and they can’t take it anymore, goes and does something rash and stupid. Have sympathy for the parents though. The kid is an idiot, but the parents, oh they’re so innocent and amazing parents. Come on, you don’t know either side of the story really. Don’t assume things that don’t concern you. The kid’s idiocy and the parent’s respectability are both to be doubted. Just that an adult is a master when it comes to fooling you and they tactfully know who to blame, while a kid will always screw up with their inexperience and dumbness.

That said, I’m not bashing all parents and accusing them of wrong doings. It just kinda annoys me how adults love to diss the kids for everything. Yes, teens loose a part of their brain, but come on! Anyways, I know that there are amazing parents around who are role models to follow and may Allah keep them steadfast and protect their children from falling astray! Ameen!

Disclaimer: This has nothing to do with me!  I’m a wonderful teen, with wonderful parents.  Okay, that’s partly an exaggeration, and you figure out which is the exaggeration. 😉


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Just another girl who writes stuff, who thinks the world is screwed up, who believes things can change, who knows it most probably won't.
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2 Responses to Foolish Illusions

  1. athoofa says:

    You couldnt have put it better!!! I’m sick of hearing this…yes as you said its true that teens DO lose it sometimes…but where were they’re parents all that time? Dont they live in the same house…arghh this topic always makes me really hot because I know of 2 high school friends who went wrong and I couldnt help feeling that there seemingly amazing parents could have done something to stop it but they DIDNT 😦 !!

    Sorry if i offended anyone by this.

    lol @ the disclaimer, wonderful teen eh? 😛

  2. Ahh, yeah! That’s sooo awful. 😦 May Allah guide those sisters and all of the Muslim youth who fall astray. Ameen.

    Nah, I’m not a wonderful teen…but my parents are wonderful alhamdulillah. 😉 😀

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