The cold truth

It is bitterly cold is what is supposed to be warm and happy California. I went to bed last night between sheets of ice, and realize I need to get the heating pad out from where-ever I hid it. It was so cold last night, my skin was burning. Horrible. But the mountains are beautifully covered with snow, and although it’s at a distance, it’s still visible. Gorgeous. But also the reason for this biting cold. I really don’t like the cold.

And tonight, we were coming out of Wal-Mart, and there was this dude (with sunglasses!) standing there with a donation box for some abused children’s charity. I felt an attack of guilt coming on, and was about to reach into my handbag for a few bucks, when he saved me the bother with a really smart-donkey comment: “Halloween is over. Halloween is over. Did you hear me, Halloween is over?” Like dude, yeah, I heard you. I did you a favor by ignoring you. What do you want, an award for knowing the date? I couldn’t be bothered to respond to him, and I’ll donate my money some better way.


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  1. aoife says:

    maybe its mean of me, or maybe its the fundraiser in me, but that jerk ticks me off. If you remember what the charity was that he was with, it wouldn’t hurt to make a well placed phone call letting their development office know that they lost your donation because their box holder made an ass of himself.

    better luck next time.

  2. Aaminah says:

    Asalaamu alaikum.

    I have this happen every year at this time. The Salvation Army volunteers are the only ones out around here (I think they might actually strong-arm out any competition) and some of them are quite terrible. Even the ones who don’t say anything, if I put money in (which I often do), they don’t even say thank you like they’re trained to, they just stare at me. Once a couple years ago, one even turned and walked away with the can as I came up to him, and instead walked up to other people with great “holiday cheer” to offer them greetings and get the donations.

    That’s fine… I’d rather not support organizations that make those suffering participate in a bible study, listen to “testimonies” and pray with them before they can get the help they need.

    That said, there have also been the usual nice ones who smile, say thanks, and wish me a Merry Christmas graciously. And once even a little old woman who said “well, I guess I shouldn’t wish you a merry christmas, but at least have a blessed rest of the month and new year!” 🙂

  3. Aaminah says:

    PS – Sadly, the ones who actually comment rudely are not rare. I even had one who asked the air (didn’t speak to me directly) repeatedly “what the _____ is that?” both when I entered the store, and when I left. Beautiful seasonal spirit…

  4. Farhana says:

    As-salaamu’alaykum wa Rahmatu Llahi wa Barakatuhu my dearest sister,

    Aww.. I’m sorry.. it seems a lot of people these days (unfortunately) can be so erm *what’s the word*.. mean! If we all just take a little step back and look at the bigger picture we’ll realize how much our words can hurt people.

    Anyway.. just my 2cents worth here, but maybe it might be better to put the money in. For Allah’s sake. To please Allah. And just think, the harder it is to put that money in that box.. the more reward there is.

    Sometimes we end up losing out on something big because of the people it invovles. Like people who don’t go to a Masjid because ‘certain people run it’. But that’s Allah’s house! What excuse are we going to make when He asks why we didn’t go.

    Okay..I’m done. 🙂

    Wa’alaykum as-salaam
    Lots of Love

  5. How cold is it?

    It is -8 celcius right now, maybe 15F or so.. I donno…… lool
    Define cold!?? 😛

  6. Wa Alaikum Salaam wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu!

    aoife, I like your name…dunno how to pronounce it, but I love it! That’s a fine idea, and I just might make a trip back to get that info. Because my sister and I were commenting to ourselves how sad it is for the charity to be represented that way.

    Aaminah, Whoah, that is beyond rude…I have much left to experience on the ignorance front, apparently! I too would rather not support such organizations. Sometimes if I give money to just anybody, without looking at *how* they actually dispense the funds, my brother turns around and tells me, “You just helped them convert somebody who is too desperate and will convert with their stomachs, not their heart and head.”

    Farhana, I hear you, and see your point. Of course, pleasing Allah would be the best alternative. But, I also ask, how pleasing is it to Allah for me to basically reward the organization that hires people who mock my deen? And when they don’t have basic courtesy, how can I even expect that the money I entrust them with will be dispensed appropriately, especially when it’s a cause I know nothing about, and an organization I am seeing for the first time? I am just not at a place where I can say, “Ok, abuse me, because it’s for a good cause.”

    To me, I will go to any masjid I want to and is convenient for me, regardless of who is running it…but when the people running it treat me or the masjid in a way that is disgusting to Allah, then it’s going to upset me, and I will end up walking into the masjid with feelings that really don’t belong in a House of Allah (I know myself, and how much tolerance I have for mean-ness)…and that’s when I am harming myself and my deen. So, I must find a new masjid, rather than eliminating that deed altogether. If that makes any sense? 🙂
    InshaAllah, such people will never become a means for us losing out on major hasanah…If we can’t change them, we can always work around them. If not this charity, then another. If not that masjid, then another. Unfortunately, there is no shortage of charities to devote ourselves too 😦

    Rebellious, OMG. It’s minus what?! There’s a price to pay for the beauty of that snow…here it’s a mere 43F…but that is about 6 C…so, ummmmm I am not toooo far from your level of cold 😡 Chica, my fingers are numb, so that’s my definition of cold! 😀

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