22 hours

Tomorrow this time, my project will be in my professor’s hands. I am done with all core elements, and yet, there is stuff left to do vis-a-vis documentation/write-up, and the presentation to my prof. I feel like there a million things still left, and only 22 hours in which to do it all…and I don’t quite know what to tackle first. Still, I fully intend on getting my beauty sleep tonight. Of course, intention and reality are sometimes at odds with one other.Ya Rabb al ‘Alameen, help me.


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2 Responses to 22 hours

  1. queenie says:

    Aww, you’re almost there! It’s the final stretch! You’ve hung in there for so long, you can do it! Go DN Go!

  2. Thank you queenie! I am done! I can look forward to a nice break now…

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