'Eid al Adha Mubarak

‘Eid mubarak! I know ‘Eid is over for a lot of you, but I hope it went by blissfully, and for those who have yet to celebrate ‘Eid, may Allah fill it with much joy and happiness for you all!

Having watched the Eid broadcast from Makkah and Mina made me really appreciative of our beautiful holidays. People don’t understand how Muslims have only two holidays in the whole year, but those two that we have are so amazing. It’s so breathtaking to watch a completely unrehearsed show, yet it’s so peaceful and smooth alhamdulillah. It seems completely like it was all dream, that I was actually one of those 3.5 million a few years ago. I pray that each one of you get to experience it sometime soon inshaAllah, and for those of you have, may you experience many times more! 🙂


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