Gotta protect the shoes

It was the weekend after Hajj, and my sister and I were on the third floor of the Masjid al Haram. We were in the corner where there were a lot of Saudi’s. About 30 minutes after ‘Isha, after the hujjaj had pretty much poured out of the Haram, there were still some Saudi’s walking about and letting their children run around and play, waiting til the streets would be a bit less crowded. Then these two Saudi guys walk to an area where they left their shoes, and pick up…one shoe! We were looking, and were like, omg, he has a really nice shoe…but the other is gone! 😯 Then he walks over another area several feet away, and picks up his other shoe. 😆 That stills gives us chuckles till today. Brilliant idea…especially considering the amount of times my brother lost his shoes. Which leads me into another story…

On the last day of Hajj, a downpour of rain descended completely expectantly. And although it was a bit scary while it was happening because of the amount of rain that was coming down, afterwards while you were standing in Mina, it was just so peaceful and amazing. Earlier, a group member had taken my brother’s sandals, and he was left sandal-less. My sister and I went out to look for some, but ended up getting him ones that were too small unfortunately. That left him to walk about in the muddy waters in uncomfortably small sandals. Well, we saw some men who were part of the Saudi army, and stopped to ask them something, which is slipping my memory now. With our broken Arabic though, it didn’t quite work out too well. But we also managed to ask them if they knew where we can buy some sandals while in Mina. One of the guys was wearing sandals and gave it to my brother. My brother was like 😯 umm, laaa! But he insisted, and gave him his really comfy sandals, even though those too were a bit small for my brother. 😆 But it shows you how nice the Saudi officers are. I mean, seriously, who does a thing like that usually?


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