'Eid al Adha

Twas a nice ‘Eid.  I can’t say we did much, but the pleasant moods, awesome weather, and yummy food was enough to make it a nice ‘Eid.  There’s nothing nicer than seeing smiles on everybody’s faces and laughing at any lil lame joke that’s made.  And then the smell of biryani, chicken curry, and vermicilli milk.   And I finally realized, I have no idea what our official name for vermicilli milk is.  All I know is, my mom calls it ‘Eid milk, because, well, we pretty much drink it only on ‘Eid.  😆

We went out to buy some stuff, amongst them popcorn kernels.  We asked a store worker if he knew where they were, and he thought they only had the microwaveable type.  That was disappointing.  I mean, come on!  We haven’t had popcorn in a very long time dude!   Then, we happened to stumble on it, and boy the grin on my mom’s face was priceless.  That was like an ‘Eid gift to her. :p


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