My brother the Luddite with no internet connection in his house has brought us to the library so I can check my email and what-not. So, there is this dude sitting across from me and he is laughing out loud at the screen. Its quite weird, and I want to laugh, but sheesh, there are enough weirdos here. Oh, now he is helping out the guy next to him with spelling lessons. That’s nice of him…Oh, oops, they are Muslims, and they want to know where the nearest masjid is…lucky I just happen to be able to help loool.

Ah, so the cold is something else in this place. But, wow, is it beautiful or what? The white purity of the snow covering everything is just totally amazing, and makes the shocking cold totally worth enduring. I actually would not mind living here! It’s amazing the vast variety Allah has created for us to live in, for us to enjoy visiting, and for us to be in complete awe of. We drove thru a wee bit of Arizona, and the canyons there are filled with such might and with such noor, it is just unbelievable. After the bleakness of Nevada, it was quite breath-taking. Then we entered the snow of Utah, and it seems like this entire land is covered in soft, white, pillowy powder. Stepping out of the car, into the clear blue air, the icy cold was biting. I now know what cold really is! I love seeing this side of America, and it is quite an eye-opener for me. SubhanAllah walHamdulillah wa laa ilaaha illAllah wa Allahu Akbar!

I am also discovering all the luxuries I take for granted at home: the Firefox browser with Flickr Uploader installed for easily uploading millions of pictures; online access any time I want; mommy to take care of all the little household details; plus a roomy house and closet in which to “organize” all my copious amounts of junk….well, this is an awesome learning vacation…

And pictures will have to wait for a more suitable time…my time here is up now….toodles, peoples, and please remember me in your duaas, inshaAllah. (And thanks bunches for the comments on the previous posts, which I will get back to at home, in about a week’s time, I promise!)


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4 Responses to Surprised?

  1. Snowdrops says:

    You know, you make America so appealing. Although I still have this thing to go to America, you just made it sound more beautiful than I thought it was. Haha 😀

  2. Faith says:

    Welcome back =)

  3. SubhanAllah, a belated Eid Mubarak =) I’ve been wondering how you were – I know you left this blog to go to another, and then I guess you came back here. In between all this I was quite busy, but alhamdulillah I found my way back here and I hope I can enjoy more of your posts soon!

    I wonder, with this snow filled opportunity did you… ski/sled/skate? We went sledding on eid – what great fun! =D I hope you had a safe trip back!

    ala =)

  4. Snowdrops, this country is really quite spectacularly beautiful, no matter what part you visit…so come on over! 😀

    Faith, thank you!

    blessedmuslimah, Shukran! You have been missed, sweetheart! Welcome back! I hope the busy-ness was enjoyable 🙂 Ummmm, I can barely walk straight….so I must get my coordination in order before I can even think of skiing, sledding, or skating 😡 I will seek sledding tips from you the next time we head for the snow–I have a whole year before that will probably happen again 😀

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