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It gives me great pleasure!

It really does give me a wonderful feeling of joy and happiness when I realize that utterly retarded comments can be marked as spam. That is exactly what they are too: stuff nobody in their right mind would wish to … Continue reading

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Nobody has this much unity…

My mom, after having a frustrating day with a little less than a million ants, see’s a stray ant and is like shoo, out you go! Then she tells me, “when Allah talks about love and unity in the Quran, … Continue reading

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There's nobody in the world…

…who can make me giggle the way my siblings do. And yet I take them for granted. 😕 Last night I went to say salaam to my brother, and I though he heard me. Well, he didn’t. So he comes … Continue reading

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You know those times you’re in dire need for an imaan booster, and nothing’s realllly doing it. Well Ashura did it. Fasting always makes me so happy and bouncy oddly enough, and it makes me want to do more good. … Continue reading

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I feel the peace

Why is that when I am fasting, the world seems so much more beautiful? I feel at peace with the world and with myself, even when I know that in reality, there is no change in the peace quotient. It … Continue reading

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My brother and I were on our way home from the hardware store when our car just began to lose power…I barely had time to steer it into the nearest driveway before it completely died. In my surprise and the … Continue reading

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A beautiful surprise

This afternoon, my dad came to my room with a surprise for me. He stopped at the post office earlier, and there was a letter in hand…a personal letter, addressed to me! I was so surprised to see my aunt’s … Continue reading

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Girls of Riyadh?

I recall there was some kind of uproar in Muslim/Arab circles when this book came out, so of course I had to give it a go now that I have a bit of free time. I must say, I don’t … Continue reading

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Why so healthy?!

I was weeding the rose garden, which was completely overrun by the most malicious and sadistic weeds to ever exist in a city garden. They were so tall, I could hardly see my rose bushes, making it completely impossible for … Continue reading

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It’s a New Year

I realized a few days ago that we have commenced a new Islamic year; we are now in the year 1429 Hijri. As there are moments for rebirth that generally spring up spontaneously, this moment of realization that we are … Continue reading

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