I missed everything while I was away, but I had so much fun being in a new place and completely different climate. The drive up to Salt Lake City was gorgeous. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, the night we arrived, my brother took us downtown Salt Lake, where the Latter Day Saints Temple is. It was two night before Christmas, and the street was lit up and there were horse drawn carriages going up and down the main street. My brother drove us up to the top of a small mountain, and we could see the entire city lit up beneath. It was like stepping into a fairy tale story!

During the days that followed, we would just go for a drive, and enjoy the scenery. There are mountains surrounding the city, and being winter it was covered in snow. We drove up to Park City, where the 2002 Winter Olympics took place, and we had to drive through the mountain to get there, which was spectacular. It was like as my mother said, America’s own Switzerland. I was speechless. On the way back, it started snowing. I was hoping to see the snow fall, and it was better than I thought. It was so soft and enchanting. The awesome thing is that while it freezing outside, the minute you step inside the house you warm up real fast.

As for ous snowmen, well, we made snowbabies instead. 😛 Come on, we’re Californian kids after all! We kept running inside the apartment because we were freezing. I wanted to make a huge one, but I think next time I will inshaAllah. 😉 Actually, my goal was to go to the top of the Olympic mountain and make a realllllly huge one that looks down at Salt Lake City with an 😮 face. Yeah, next time. 😉

On another note, it was also amazing how different in temperment people over there are. They are so calm, friendly, and helpful, as opposed to here. I mean, Cali people are nice and all, but they aren’t nearly as relaxed and polite. We got lost quite a few times while trying to get around, and whenever we stopped to ask people for directions, they would take time out to give us complete directions. We asked one guy for directions to Park City, and and we kept asking a few different questions. After he was done helping us, he said “I must say, you people are pretty cool!” Like wowwy, we’ve never heard that compliment from any random stranger before! 😛

Pictures to come shortly.  Off I go now to catch up on my e-mails, comments, and other blogs! 🙂


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  1. syilla says:

    Ukhtee..jawharah… i’m missing you :P.

    Love your blog

  2. Awww, I miss you too habibti! Jazakallah khair for stopping by. 😳 Love you!

  3. wqah says:

    wow wow wow….
    welcome back btw… 🙂

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