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The trip back home was awesome, partly coz I had the pleasure of driving half the time. There were two things about the driving that makes the road trip very different from when you are just the passenger: 1)you get a more pronounced feeling of jet-lag when you step out of the car onto ground for a change of drivers: everything bounces under your feet, perhaps due to all those changes in elevation that you speed through; and 2)coming into California, the change of pace in traffic really hits you between the eyes. All of a sudden, as soon as you get to CA’s first large city, the number of cars increases ten times, the freeways really widen up, and the two right-most lanes of traffic are practically devoted to 18-wheelers. All of a sudden, I felt like a foreigner to the state, almost completely overwhelmed, and quite tempted to wake my brother up to take over the driving.

Oh, and don’t tick off those truckers even accidentally. We left Utah at 2 in the morning, and it was completely dark, with barely any traffic. At one point, there was a truck in front of me, and I didn’t realize that the high beams from my headlights would make a difference to him, as far back as I was. Anyhow, eventually I was within 100 yards of him, and switched to low beams, then caught up to him, and then overtook him…at which point he got behind me, switched on his high beams, and rode behind me for five minutes with those super-bright lights bouncing off the mirror. I guess he was quite annoyed, but I did try to apologize by flicking my hazard lights! Cut me some slack, dude!

We visited a little bit around Salt Lake City, we were fascinated by the snow, and managed to build a few snowbabies (snowmen are hard to build so big!) and I took too many pictures to upload to Flickr just yet. I will sort through them over the next couple days and select the most worthy ones, hopefully.


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  1. lol – ma shaa Allah@snowbabies… I can’t wait to see pictures of them 😀 You know what’s cool about snowmen is that all you need is a field of snow to make it pretty big – the easiest way my sisters and I have found is to start off with a nice small palm sized snowball, put it on the snow filled ground and roll it – the snow starts collecting and the snowball becomes larger and larger. The best snow to use is compact, and if you have patches of snow on the ground then it wont work 😀

  2. Hey! I was thinking about rolling it like how you described, coz I remembered reading that in the Bobsey Twins books when I was a kid…but now you say the snow must be compact, and the snow in SLC was powdery, and not much compact at all… 😦 We’ll give it a try next year anyway, tho! Can’t lose by trying, right?

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