Some deaths just hit you between the eyes more so than others. It’s not dependent on whether you knew the person or his/her family in life, it’s not dependent on where they are from, it’s not dependent on how much or how little you have in common. It’s usually the most sudden deaths (although aren’t all deaths sudden?) that stay with you for the rest of your own life. Well, such is the case for me. We were shocked last week by the death of someone in our community, whom we knew hardly at all. There was no illness to speak of. His children are between grown and almost-grown. His wife is an amazingly composed and practical lady, whose heart-break is just shattering. His life was ordinary outwardly, but seems to have been extra-ordinary from the way his wife and mother speak of him.

We visited them yesterday, and although the house had beautiful aromas of fresh food simmering on the stove; although the house was a pleasing combination of clean and lived-in; although the ladies of the house were not wailing and everything looked so normal…there was the painful feeling of something someone missing. The quietness in that house just spoke of death, of a very vital member of the family missing. And there is nothing anybody can do to reverse this pain, to make things better, to say that this will all pass. It is making me stay up praying that this does not happen to my father anytime soon…a futile prayer, as death will welcome everyone.

Inna lillaahi wa inna ilayhi raji’oon. To Allah do we belong, and to Him do we all return.


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  1. SubhanAllah, indeed to Allah we belong and to Him is our return. They are from the best of people, those who hide their good deeds just as carefully as they hide their bad ones. May Allah subhanaHu wata’ala have mercy on him, and on us – and may it be a reminder to us of how fleeting and sudden our life, and death, is.

  2. blessedmuslimah, ameen! It certainly is a reminder; I find I am catching myself doing things during which I would not want the Angel of Death to arrive…

    Rebellious, Ameen…

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