Got Pics?

Well, my sister is super-sonic fast on the pictures, and uploaded them to her Flickr account…but I decided to add quite a few more pictures, and what better place to put 334 337 pictures than on Picasa? So, for your viewing pleasure, here they are.

I still can’t get over the beauty of snow, and how clean everything looks when there is just white softness over everything. And the thing that amazed me most is how we never knew it was snowing until we stepped outside, or until the parents would call and ask us if it was snowing, and then we’d look out the window while saying “No, it’s just clear and sunny…oh! Yeah! It is snowing!!!” That very rarely happens with rain, and I would have somehow expected the same of snow…but, no…it’s like a surprise everytime. (Well, to us, as Californians, anyway!)

*Above was our attempt at a snow-being. You know, we never knew it takes so much snow just to make one tiny little baby!


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2 Responses to Got Pics?

  1. queenie says:

    Welcome back (a bit late! I know!). The pictures look amazing!
    I wish Flickr would let us upload more pics with the free account!

  2. queenie, No such a thing as late in my world, so thank you! 😀 I was bemoaning the necessity of forking over 20 bucks for a pro Flickr account, when I remembered Picasa…lucky me 😆 Hope you enjoy them, and thank you for your kind thoughts! *hugs*

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