It’s a New Year

I realized a few days ago that we have commenced a new Islamic year; we are now in the year 1429 Hijri. As there are moments for rebirth that generally spring up spontaneously, this moment of realization that we are in a brand new year gave birth to a desire for some changes. I am not one to make resolutions…but there is a first time for everything, right? In my shiningly perfect life*, there is definitely room for spiritual improvement, even more so than worldly improvement. So, what do I want to see change? Here’s a brief list (which I only make public because the best way for me to change myself is to publicly commit to it, regardless of whether you care or not):

  • Pray all my five prayers on time, not 10 or 15 or 30 minutes after the adhan, but right after it blasts out from my speakers;
  • Read Qur’an more constantly and consistenly, with the English meaning; setting a goal of 5 pages a day so I don’t fall off the wagon and skip a day here and there;
  • Fast outside of Ramadaan–a little nafil (extra, non-obligatory) fasting certainly won’t kill me;
  • Look for the good in people, no matter how difficult it’s getting; I can feel my cynicism quotient increasing dangerously and depressingly fast;
  • Take better care of this beautiful body** Allah has given me: sleep at a reasonable hour, exercise consistently, and eat better all the time, not just a few times a week; sometimes, the simplest things to do seem to be the most difficult to achieve!
  • Seriously, I need to get out more! It’s a gorgeous world out there, and yet I just stay home all day, everyday 😦

And may Allah make it a blessed year and life for both you and me! Ameen!
*sarcasm alert!
**we have all been blessed with amazing machines that we call bodies–treat your body like you treat your car: keep it clean, filled up, and invest in insurance!


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