It gives me great pleasure!

It really does give me a wonderful feeling of joy and happiness when I realize that utterly retarded comments can be marked as spam. That is exactly what they are too: stuff nobody in their right mind would wish to part-take of. So your email address ends up as part of some blacklist. Yay! That is what I call justice.

You wanna diss Islam, Islamic principles, Islamic figures who are greater than you will ever be? Then, join the million other web-sites out there, and create one of your own. Now that you know you can write 2 whole sentences, go ahead and write 2 million essays, on your own blog. Don’t attempt to bug me with your asinine, misinformed, uneducated filth. If you actually have an intelligent way of addressing your concerns/issues, I would happy to engage you in discourse. Otherwise, bug the hell off. Thanks, good-bye, and continue to have a very miserable day! 🙂

Note: The above was intended for the miserably filthy among us. The rest of you: continue to have an excellent day, inshaAllah! 😀


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7 Responses to It gives me great pleasure!

  1. LOL! you’re hilarious, I love it. Saves you some time alhamdulillah.

  2. And really takes a load of my chest! Thank Allah for the “Mark as Spam” ability…ahhhh…I am still basking in it all 😀

  3. zingtrial says:

    Salaam I was just hopping from blog to blog He!He!He! and came across your blog ,liked it you have a nice blog thanks for sharing :).Wishing you well

  4. amatullah51 says:

    Assalaamu ‘alykum wa Rahmatullaah ukhty.

    Just passing to give my salaams, I sure enjoy reading your posts about random things mashaa Allaah:)

    take care with du’as
    wa salaam

  5. zing, welcome, and enjoy the blog-hopping! 🙂

    amatullah, Wa Alaykum Salaam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu, sweetheart 🙂 I seem to be getting increasingly random; I am glad somebody enjoys it 😆 You are very kind with your sentiments, jazakiAllah khair! 😀

  6. Miss Muslimah says:

    I hope I dont get any trolls on my blog!

  7. Miss Muslimah, I feel ya on that…but, they somehow show up just to spice things up for us for every once in a while, eh? *sigh*

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