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Love: pop!

As silly as it may sound, there are only a few things worse that eating popcorn that is not fluffy enough, or not salty enough, or not buttery enough, or God forbid, is burnt. I love it for the healthy … Continue reading

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Pre18: To be a girl…

Ah, blogland is now modifying the tag for the pre-18 crowd. Here, is a version for girls, and I am “it” courtesy of a tag from Mona…There are some things that will be unique to the female experience, and trying … Continue reading

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Be a rebel

If everybody dislikes this observational holiday soooo much, why is it so damned successful?! It’s very annoying. And no, I did not change my theme to this half-red one because today is the Commercialized Expression of Love Day. I just … Continue reading

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6+ Must-Do’s before 18

Umm Layth, thank you for a very deep tag. This tag is an awesome exercise of what I would want for my kids, for my sibling’s kids, and just maybe for your kids. It might even include a bunch of … Continue reading

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A wordy kind of tag!

Oh joy! Noora has tagged me, and I must preface the tag by saying how cool and fabulous I think it is 🙂 1. Pick up the nearest book (of at least 123 pages) I had two choices, books to … Continue reading

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I should have…

I went to vote, and I discovered that my name was not on the list of Active Voters at my precinct. So, they gave me a provisional ballot, which, according to ever-trusty Wikipedia, is “used to record a vote when … Continue reading

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Super Tuesday

Today is voting day. I am not registered with any party, so I get to vote in the Democratic primary. I sorrowfully decline the opportunity, because…well, because it makes no difference who is in office, regardless of who wins the … Continue reading

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Health vs. Beauty

Ok, it’s time for me to replace my moisturizer as I am running low. I was trying to decide whether I should go for something new or stick with the one I am using. I decided for a change. Then, … Continue reading

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