I should have…

I went to vote, and I discovered that my name was not on the list of Active Voters at my precinct. So, they gave me a provisional ballot, which, according to ever-trusty Wikipedia, is “used to record a vote when there is some question in regards to a given voter’s eligibility” There is no question about my eligibility! There is a question with you people’s records!!! 👿 Well, I voted as usual, with the electronic voting machine thingy, and I must say that when I dragged my mother to vote later in the evening, she just did not like that machine. I can’t blame her. I was pleased to see the paper receipt verifying all my “No” votes, though!

You know, for the first time, I have the feeling that I should have voted differently. Seriously. How weird. It’s like this: All of the main candidates, Mitt Romney, Mike Huckabee, John McCain, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have given their post-Super Tuesday speeches. On the Republican side, Mitt Romney was quite dynamic, but his message just did not resonate with me, as usual. Mike Huckabee would make me a good professor…it’s not that I can’t stand him, it’s just that there is something missing; I heard nothing about what he will do, but more of a relief that he has won a respectable amount of Southern states. Nice, but missing something there. John McCain simply bored me…as usual, don’t know why really.

I liked Hillary’s speech the best. It was positive, strong, confident, and complete with an amazing smile–that might be as shallow as it sounds, but oh well. I found Obama’s speech strangely filled with a lot of maybe’s, as in “Maybe next year we will have health care for everyone, maybe next year people won’t be suffering the mortgage crisis, maybe maybe maybe.” Why the maybe? Why are you not positive about what you will do when you win, rather than this impression of what you might do if you win? Well, in any case, I am pleased I did not give him my vote, but I am thinking maybe I should not have forfeited my potential Democratic vote. Ah, well, my fellow Californians seem to have made up for my one goof…according to CNN and PBS, California is going for Hillary Clinton. Experience over poetry, that’s what I am rooting for (opinion subject to change, of course!).

And, maybe, I will remember this lesson for next time 😉


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  1. noora says:

    I wonder if I would ever be able to make the choice to vote if I were a citizen of the United States. Maybe I have the fear to make a choice, and be failed once again..

    On another note, you have been tagged!


  2. Ajla says:

    Selam aleykum,

    We just spoke on Friday, my ‘politics’ lesson at school, how people in Finland vote and how those in America. We got to a conclusion that in America, people are more concentrated (than in Finland) how the candidates speak, their speeches and how well they are at connecting with the crowd etc. You get my point, their charisma and how well they are pictured.

    We began doubting that do those Americans who vote really know what that candidate stands for, what they have said they will do and how they will do it, what their all goals are… So I am asking you, Amerekaan! :p Is it mostly (majority) shallow-voting or is it more to it?

    I hope you get what I’m saying lol.

  3. Almost everyone I know is for obama,but I like hilary the best.She gives off such confidence and positive energy..either way a change is a’comin..insha’allah..

  4. Umm Layth says:

    Do we forget she voted for the Iraq war?

  5. I dont get too into politics because from what ive seen it can get really ugly…

  6. Umm Layth says:

    It’s true. We shouldn’t let it get ugly, though.

  7. Noora, Sometimes I do question the value of my vote, pretty much always recognizing that my vote is never for the winning candidate…but then, I ask myself if my right to vote were taken away, how would I feel? And that’s when I realize I do love to have the choice to vote, to express myself, to be counted, even if I will almost inevitably be disappointed…
    And that’s a great tag! Thanks, sweet stuff! 😀

    Ajla, Wa alaykumusSalaam! Hmmmm, I do think, from what I see here, that a majority of the time, the voting is purely shallow. We hear people saying, “I feel comfortable with this or that candidate,” or “She seems like such a witch to me,” and then they go on to mention one or two facts about the candidates positions. For the most part, the candidates, at this early stage of the game just give us a lot of rhetoric, with very few details about how they will actually get the job done, so it’s like they encourage the shallowness. Dunno if that answers your question, though! 😆

    Oh, and from my post, can you tell, that I am feeling like shallow voting is the way to go? After all, the more they promise to change, the more they will really stay the same…so we may as well vote on the only thing that seems different: the likability index!

    Miss Muslimah, I really don’t get the Obama hype…I look forward to the idea of change, but I would like to know what kind of change he is offering. When someone asks what he will do about healthcare, for example, he tends to give answers like “That’s why I want to be President, so I can change the way we do healthcare,” which is really quite a non-answer. That bugs me.

    Umm Layth, Yes she certainly did, as did every other politician except for Ted Kennedy. Obama wasn’t around to vote back then, so for him to say that he wouldn’t have voted for it…well, that is neither here nor there. After all, hindsight is twenty-twenty, and he wasn’t put to the ultimate acid test. He was in the right place (out of office) at the right time (when the vote when down), so to me it’s a non-starter.

    And don’t worry, sweet sisters…I wouldn’t let it get ugly, InshaAllah! 😀

    Whoa, thanks for the stimulating discussion! 😀

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