Super Tuesday

Today is voting day. I am not registered with any party, so I get to vote in the Democratic primary. I sorrowfully decline the opportunity, because…well, because it makes no difference who is in office, regardless of who wins the nomination on either the Republic or the Democratic office. I firmly believe that, until or unless the future indicates differently. We will still wait for a long time before we get anything close to universal health care. Our country will still be coping with budget inadequacies. We’ll still see unemployment rise, and the housing and stock markets fall. Then, five years from now, employment/economy will be all right again, and we’ll get ready to begin the whole cycle again. We can only hope and pray that we don’t suffer a major Depression-like situation, no matter who is in office.

However, there are a few propositions (or referendums) on the ballot here in California, and I always feel like an excited participant when I see those. I spend about 30 minutes reading up on them, see who is endorsing the Yes position, who is endorsing the No position, and run to the voting station with my checklist in hand. That’s some deep research, isn’t it? *Not really, I know.* And the really fun part of the proposition voting is seeing which of the ones go my way. It’s quite the spectator sport, I must say! This time, I am voting no on everything:

  • No on some obscure Proposition 91 which has been abandoned by it’s own proponents, and which I don’t understand;
  • no on community college funding (Prop 92) which will eventually cost the state and state university students down the road;
  • no to increasing or decreasing (I can’t figure out which exactly it does) term limits (Prop 93); and
  • no on Indian gaming (Props 93-97), mainly because,
  1. they are not Indians, or American Indians; I am–they are Native Americans {first we take their land, and then we mis-name them, how insulting is that?!};
  2. 15-25% of the gambling revenue will go to the state, which is really quite a sick way to make money off an already exploited people; and
  3. how can I endorse a proposition that encourages gambling, which in turn corrodes society, by helping people throw money away on a dream, a farce, a total rip-off? Why can’t we find better ways to empower the economies of the Native peoples of our great nation? It’s ridiculous.

It’s my Super No-day. People do have the tendency to point out that my favorite word is no. Today, I get to prove it.


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3 Responses to Super Tuesday

  1. Umm Layth says:

    Would you vote in the main election? Do you believe your vote would matter then? War vs No war?

  2. Umm Layth, if there are more propositions on the ballot come November, that will certainly get me to vote. Will my vote matter? Probably not. And when choosing a candidate for the Presidency, I tend to lean towards issues of domestic policy rather than foreign policy, because that is where I see more of a difference in how they aim to do things (or how they proclaim they dream of doing things). If that makes any sense…

  3. Umm Layth says:

    It makes sense. Unfortunately, sometimes there isn’t much to go on. We sometimes just have to decide if letting our vote go to waste or possibly choosing a lesser evil is best.

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