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Show me the visa

Ok. So the US of A is mired in a recession: people are losing their homes, their jobs, etc. Companies hate to hire recent graduates because they “don’t have the experience” (unless you’re Barack Obama, that is a fatal drawback), … Continue reading

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Going topless

Don’t all get worked up too fast now! 😛 I am talking about this article in the LA Times that is discussing how many Silicon Valley firms, and universities, are banning laptops from meetings and classrooms, thus going laptop-less. The … Continue reading

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Just a bit excessive?

I received an email reminding me of an account I had somewhere. Since I never use this account, I figure I would sign in (for the first time in over a year!) and shut it down. To shut down the … Continue reading

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Tossing and Turning?

Do you find yourself facing sleepless nights, wherein you dread going to bed coz you just know that you are going to be listening to some nice qiraat from some sheikh or the other…but for hours on end? It’s not … Continue reading

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Did you know that hummingbirds make this amazing vibrating sound when their wings are fluttering at a hundreds mph? I didn’t either…until I heard this weird noise outside my window, looked up and saw this tiny little bird fluttering around. … Continue reading

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In the shadow of snipers

This is a letter for Hillary Clinton, presidential hopeful. Dear Senator Clinton, Why did you say that? What were you thinking? How does somebody create a memory of a non-existent event, and then repeat it many times, and expect to … Continue reading

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ZH (14/365)

I will miss the crazy times we all had together. Life must go on, and how awesome is it when it goes on with beautiful memories?! I can’t think of a single time when you hurt me, and I only … Continue reading

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You walked in when others walked out. You made me laugh when others made me cry. You thought you were being evil, I just thought you were funny. You knew how to make your point, without making me feel stupid. … Continue reading

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…And we all put Humpty Dumpty together!

My brother was determined to try and save my keyboard before buying a new one…so we took out, sprayed on some rubbing alcohol, sprayed on some canned air, let it air dry overnight and into the afternoon…then put it back … Continue reading

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Muhammad Nabeeuna

I just went back to a forum I used to be a member of, and saw that another member who went for Hajj took some really beautiful pictures (well, which pictures of the Haram’ain aren’t beautiful?!). And he compiled it … Continue reading

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