Go Hill!

Allow me to feel good that Hillary Clinton made a very respectable showing yesterday. The more attention that Obama gets, the less I can stand the man. I don’t particularly care for HRC, but the Democrat’s alternative makes me cringe. So, I’ll settle for the politician I “know.”

On a similar note, I must make the following observation: It appears that Obama’s supporters are a lot more consistent. They seem to show up to vote whether he is ahead or behind; they are just always there. On the contrary, it seems like Hillary’s supporters are a lot more complacent. They seem to only come through for her when they know she is the underdog: first with New Hampshire’s primaries, then with Super Tuesday, and yesterday with what some were calling Critical Tuesday. It’s interesting; not necessarily useful or relevant, perhaps, but certainly interesting to me. It’s as if her supporters take it for granted that the rest of the electorate will automatically acknowledge her skill and poise, so maybe there is no real need to get out the vote. Then, they see that hello, the rest of America is perfectly content with this relative unknown, and that shocks them into action or something.

And this leads me to my next rant: It’s all very weird to me, especially since there is no way I could ever be hired for a commanding post in my field without relevant experience. I mean, just imagine me applying for a, say, Project Manager position, with only the wee bit of experience I have. The “potential” employer would think I am crazy and toss me out on the tail of my hijab. Yet, this pip-squeak is raising millions in cash and votes. I really don’t get it.


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  1. Umm Layth says:

    Even with her wins though, she is not ahead. I just hope the person that does get the nomination can beat the republican nominee, John McCain. I don’t believe Hillary has as good of a chance, due to some of her choices in the past, and due to being hated by quite a bit of people, whose support she needs. It’s amazing to me how Republicans have turned their attention to Obama as well.

    Khairan. Allah does what is best. And the people want change.

  2. queenie says:

    I’m always interested in what American voters think of the presidential candidates. I don’t know much about Hilary or Obama, but I know enough about their international relations views that I wouldn’t be comfortable voting for either of them, especially since they have such strong support for Israel.

    And when are the final results supposed to be in for the Democrat candidate? It’s been dragging on for so long!

  3. asqfish says:

    For muslims there is no choice , all the candidates as they stand are going to bomb some muslim country. Mrs Clinton the least but she will continue to support Israel bombing muslim countries.
    Having said that, why is it that people hate intelligent women?
    I have great respect for a woman and a man who will do their best to repair their marraige While being in the public eye, it must hurt doubly.
    Obama hates to have himself be associated with anything muslim, …………why doesnt he say and I quote”: I am not a muslim , but what if I was?”
    Best regards and salaams

  4. mems says:

    I detest politics. But I can’t help saying that all candidates’ international views are the same and there’s not much different to expect from someone new. It seems to me that Hillary is only doing well because of her husband’s support, Obama is inexperienced and just wants to shy away from anything Islam-related, wants to be a crowd-pleaser, and won’t bother to concern himself about trying to understand Muslims. And McCain? I won’t start ranting about Republicans here. 🙂

  5. Umm Layth says:

    wa ‘alaykum as salam

    asqfish, maybe you don’t understand the political world enough. he would kill his entire struggle if he uttered that. and why does he need to utter that? why can’t he simply say no, and say I’m a devout christian? what’s our problem with him being honest? he has said things like muslims aren’t too blame several times. I think we behave in the opposite extreme of those who want him to denounce muslims and islam. We want him to announce his love for muslims or whatever? this is a western election. there is no perfection in human beings, and esp. no perfection in a ‘democratic’ election.

    also, did we forget, again, that it was mrs clinton, the one who goes on and on bragging about her experience, who actually voted for a war? doesn’t intelligence include guarding ourselves from making uninformed decisions, until certainty is at 100%? especially when we speak about killing people? if she couldn’t have held back during a time that the U.N was saying no bush, why would she after?

  6. Umm Layth, you and me are hoping the same thing. Except that I know the statistical odds are against the candidate I am really backing, which is Ralph Nader. I like to see Hillary up there, as a strong female voice who beat the odds with her public humiliations…but at the end of the day, I go to bed wanting neither her, nor Obama, and definitely not McCain.

    queenie, I can tell you what this American voter thinks of our candidates: they are not going to change a single thing when it comes to foreign policy; the only thing we can hope for are decent domestic policies. And if Americans really believed in change, they would support a third party candidate easily. And yes…this primary season has been a real horse-race, what with the ups and downs that are not usually seen. It appears the country has a hard time deciding who is more worthy of the Democratic nomination! Makes it exciting though, for those who like suspense and enjoys seeing politicians run around like head-less chickens 😛

    asqfish, wa’AlaykumusSalaam! and welcome to our blog! Yes, I do agree with you: Muslims are in the cross-hairs, for one reason or another, regardless of who is in the White House. And honestly, your question re: hating intelligent women is one I ask myself constantly. I don’t know why, perhaps it’s envy? I admire Hillary Clinton because she did the unexpected thing: she saw her life in long-term view and decided to use her husband’s betrayal to her advantage. She kept her family, but seemingly on her own terms. Bravo to her. And thank you for taking the time to comment!

    mems, ditto on almost everything you said. The only place I disagree with is the idea of Hillary doing well because of her husband, and only because the dude gets bashed everytime he says something. And also, I can’t help noticing that Obama and McCain stand on the stage accepting their victories with their spouses by their sides…but Bill was in Texas when Hillary gave her Ohio victory speech. I think it’s sad that a woman must give the appearance of being free from spousal support and pride, while the same is yet to be expected of a man.

    Umm Layth, I don’t think any of us really “understand the political world enough,” for if we did we would be in it. Also, it’s not necessary to understand the filth of politics to wish for a candidate who would say, “I am not a muslim , but what if I was?” Would it kill Obama’s struggle? Are his supporters not the enlightened ones who finally see hope and optimism and want for a change? Wouldn’t it be a brave change if their candidate did not view the possibility of Islam as a smear? There is no perfection in anything indeed, other than Allah, but an innocence of politics allows us to dream every once in a while. Dreams make life worth living! And what struggle is Obama facing exactly, what with a fawning press and millions of dollars thrown at his feet in record numbers? There are people who are more qualified who never had it so easy: Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Michael Dukakis, etc. And for all of his proclamations that he would not have voted for the war, he was never there at the time anyway. His voting record in the short time that he has been in the Senate is hardly different from Hillary’s. And Mrs. Clinton has every right to brag about her experience: she has plenty of it, and since when was experience something to be ashamed of?

    And if America really wants change, we will end the two-party stranglehold and give a non-partisan a chance. But we don’t want change. We want familiarity that looks like change. And we will get what we want.

  7. Umm Layth says:

    Senator Obama may not have been there to get the chance to vote and make an impact (keyword here) with his vote, but he stood against the war from the beginning, speaking out against it, calling against it. Your argument (due to him not being in the senate) is irrelevant because the idea is that he stood against the war from the beginning. That shows that the man has better judgement than Hillary Clinton who voted yes immediately, ‘trusting’ her president, just because intelligence said that there were nuclear weapons. Are nuclear weapons enough reason to go to war?

    I also still disagree with most Muslims who have shared the opinion that he should say ‘so what if I was?’. His campaign would die from that moment, but even more than that, he shouldn’t have to feel pressured to do anything. I’m sure that if there wasn’t so much Islamophobia, he wouldn’t even feel pressured to say, ‘no, i’m a christian, yada yada yada.’ A simple no would suffice. But unfortunately, it’s a time where being Muslim, supporting Muslims, immediately gives you a bad name. I am amazed, though, by the fact that he has stood up for us, and others. He has said, plenty of times, that Muslims, latinos, etc… aren’t the problem. But apparently it isn’t enough for us.

  8. Umm Layth says:

    as salamu ‘alaykum

    Had to come back to this post because it was itching at me while in the kitchen. I hope that if there is any harshness that you feel from any of my comments, that you pardon me. I would never be harsh with you, but sometimes, you know, we get very into our own opinions and forget to think about the sound of it all. so yeah, had to clarify that.

  9. wa ‘alaykumusSalaam wa rahmatullah, Umm Layth! No, sweet sister, you did not cause me any offense…you are a very forthright and honest communicator and there is no shame in that 🙂 I had a response to your above comment and it just got lost in the events of life. Well, anyway…whatever is destined to happen will happen, and may Allah make it easy for all of us, ameen! 😀

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