Rabi al Awwal

On Saturday night, the first night of Rabi al Awwal, I started reading from this 3-Volume book set on the life of the Prophet, Sallallaahu alayhi wasSallam. As I was reading from it, I thought to myself, “How nice would it be to share just a small snippet of what I am reading with all 1.5 readers of my blog?” It would be very nice indeed, more so because it helps me to remember all what I am reading just a little bit better. It must be said though, that it is so easy to read or hear about the life of Prophet Sallallaahu alayhi wasSallam, and really very easy to remember what you are reading and/or listening to. As I read, some of the stories are familiar from prior experience, and then of course, many many many things are just ever so new. So, without much more ado, I shall begin with the first thing that I wanted to share, in the next post (just in a couple hour’s time, I promise!).


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