Humpty Dumpty!

So, my keyboard is still acting freaky. I let it tan a bit in the sun, brought it inside, popped the 1.2 trillion keys back on, prayed my dhuhr, prayed some more, then turned this baby back on.

The keyboard is still freaky…it types random x’s everywhere but does not type x when I hit the key. No n key to be had either. Backspace acts…well…it acts spacey. So, I plugged in an external USB keyboard (thank Allah I still have one of those!), and all is finally golden. I can type, the keyboard is more comfortable, and I can lean back and pretend that everything is just fine! Sigh. At least, alhamdulillah, all my data is still safe, and everything else about it is still working.Well, this calls for a new name for this laptop of mine. Actually, it never had a name to begin with, so this is going to be it’s only name: Humpty Dumpty, because no matter what I do (short of sending it in for repairs), nothing will ever put it back together again!

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2 Responses to Humpty Dumpty!

  1. Hehehehe…awwww…! Poor lil humpty dumpty. 😦

  2. I know! At least it brought youuuuu out of hiding though! 😛

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