Muhammad Nabeeuna

I just went back to a forum I used to be a member of, and saw that another member who went for Hajj took some really beautiful pictures (well, which pictures of the Haram’ain aren’t beautiful?!). And he compiled it in a video, along with adding Muhammad Nabeeuna to the background with it’s translation! Awesomeness, innit. 😉 It’s making me yearn for the Haram’ain more and moooreee…!  Anyways, enough of my rambling…enjoy!


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One Response to Muhammad Nabeeuna

  1. sister in islam, south africa says:

    subhanallah! wat memories that video brings back. watched it with tears
    rolling down.. and the very same nasheed would be playing everyday after salaah when i was there, alhumdulillah! may Allah take us all once again very very soon insha’Allah! shukran
    was salaam

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