Take care!

You know how in my last post, I declared that there is not enough agony in my life? Well, take care what you wish for!!! After hitting the Publish button, I got up to close my window. I had my bottle of water next to my laptop, and the spout-top was open…I proceeded to knock over the bottle….allllll over the keyboard. It wasn’t a lot of water that spilled, and it seemed to have cleaned up ok, I could type just fine. And then a couple hours later, it started typing all goofy…my x and n keys are freaking out on me. So, I pulled out every single key (took a picture of the keyboard layout first!) and hoped for it to be ok by morning. It’s not ok. So, now I am letting it rest in the sun, while I search for easy ways to repair this.

I can’t afford this nonsense happening to me, on so many levels: I don’t want to transfer all of my data and applications to another computer. I don’t want to have to buy another laptop. I don’t want this stupid headache!!! Why and how did I do this to myself?!


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2 Responses to Take care!

  1. Falsa says:

    Happens all the time to me, don’t worry, eh?
    Asalam o alalikum.

  2. wa ‘AlaykumusSalaam! 🙂 Tis life, eh?! Still sucks…but I am not worrying–I can always steal my brother’s laptop if I absolutely have to 😆

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