In the shadow of snipers

This is a letter for Hillary Clinton, presidential hopeful.

Dear Senator Clinton,

Why did you say that? What were you thinking? How does somebody create a memory of a non-existent event, and then repeat it many times, and expect to not be called up on it? Isn’t it just a little bit disrespectful to those who lived under Serbian sniper fire for you to make up being in their place? You know, Mrs. Clinton, you are not helping your campaign along. As it is, let’s face it, you are drowning under the impossible popularity of Barak Obama. He is out-winning you in votes and money, and he has the most improbable ways to get himself out the most impossible situations. Mrs. Clinton, you know that your luck is of a different kind: you specialize in coping with hard luck.

But, why would you create even more hard luck for yourself? Why don’t you speak of the many true difficult moments you participated in, such as defending the Black Panther members who were accused of murder? Why don’t you speak of the many challenges you surely must have faced as a woman in a cut-throat legal profession? Why don’t you talk about your reality more often?

At this rate, you are driving away people on the fence, the people who are finding it difficult to choose between Senator Clinton and Senator Obama. At this rate, you are making it difficult for people like me to be sorry if you lose this nomination. And this is coming from a voter who wants neither Obama nor McCain. I am sorry to see you do this to yourself. It’s bad enough when others sabotage our futures…it’s even worse when we sabotage our own futures.

One Confused Citizen


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  1. …and when will she be receiving this? Don’t tell me “never”. 😦

  2. Dunno…I should send it, eh? Well, it’s not like she’d pay attention anyway! 😡

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