Just a bit excessive?

I received an email reminding me of an account I had somewhere. Since I never use this account, I figure I would sign in (for the first time in over a year!) and shut it down. To shut down the account, we have to jump through major hoops:

  1. Sign in with password again…
  2. Answer 3 pages of very short and simple questions which basically tell you if you shut down the account, you will never be able to retrieve it, you will no longer have access to your Profile, and yor entire presence at that place will cease to exist; Do you really wish to be considered dead? It’s kind of a mind game to get you to stay, I guess…
  3. and then, you must submit your password again…
  4. and thennnn and only then will you be taken to the Shutdown Confirmation Button.

If I had to jump through that many hoops before I can delete files on my PC, can you imagine how much junk I would have stored?


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