Time warped.

We’ve heard of post-dated checks, and forward dating blog posts. Now, courtesy of Gmail, here it comes: The back-dated email. Haha. What kind of fools do they take us to be, anyway? 😆


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  1. LOL…I fell for it. I was like, who the ‘eck would use that?! Oh, here’s last years joke:


  2. queenie says:

    Haha! I didn’t check my Gmail account yesterday, but I totally would have fell for it!
    The user testimonials are hilarious.

  3. DigiJ, LOL and I thought, OMG, that is so wrong?! How dare they make this possible; don’t they realize how this can be abused?! 😳

    queenie, 😆 it’s only when I got to the last user testimonial that I realized “hmmmmm, something is fishy here!” I am so gullible 😳

    PS: Little bro just asked me about another Google oddity, the Virgle space program, some kind of trip to Mars…he was like: wait, was that an April Fool’s thing too? I didn’t know what he was talking about, so of course I Googled it, and here it is…they were busy, that brilliant Google team 😛 Bro thought it was a great idea, btw…he was like: finally we get to send the loonies to Mars 😆

  4. LOL, I never knew about the Virgle thing! I looooveee the Google team. 😀

    *edit* Ohh, I just read it, and I remember it. 😀 “Earth has issues, and it’s time humanity got started on a Plan B.” Ahh. :X

  5. simplymuslim says:

    hehe, that is a funny one!

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