Spring Break!

The moment I’ve been waiting for (since the first day of school) and it’s finally here. And I don’t even miss class. Maybe cuz unfortunately on Monday I have to meet one of my groups for a project we have to do. I kinda was like, seriously peeps I don’t want to come to the college on the break! but somehow the words didn’t spill out of my mouth, which is good thing I suppose. 😛 But yay, maybe I’ll get all the stuff my mother has planned for me, and then get to also paint my room purple and pink! InshaAllah. 😀

What I don’t get is why Spring Break is overcast by coldness. The sky is blue, but the doesn’t really mean much.  I guess I should make the most of it, and wear a sweater.  *I did tell myself I’d wear my nice red fleece sweater, but sure enough my scatterbrainedness made me forget 🙄 *

I hope I have sufficiently bored you by now. 😕


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3 Responses to Spring Break!

  1. athoofa says:

    Yayyy, does that mean you’ll have more time on-line? 😛

  2. You *still* haven’t worn the red fleece yet…or any other sweater 😛

  3. Athoofsy, ah I wishh. Well, not been around the timings you’re on. InshaAllah we’ll get to talk soon I hope! *hugs*

    DN, I’m wearin it now! So there! 😛

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