Never again…

…would I wear really high heels when I’ll be running around sooo much. I know, that’s a no brainer. But, dang, I loooved those shoes. Everytime I looked down at my sandals, I was like, they’re soo pretty. I never realized how much of a girly girl I can be. 😛


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10 Responses to Never again…

  1. ZH says:

    Girly girl? who? 😮

  2. Me of course… Why would that come as a shock? 😕

  3. Ajla says:

    I can so relate! Pretty, pretty shoeees… ❤

  4. Nafeesah says:

    Welcome to your girl self! I suffer from broken ankles because of running around in high heels just about everyday, but do I learn my lesson? no, because I’m a girly girl (in that way at least ) :p

  5. Hehehe! Ahh, I don’t think I could do that! I see girls wearing high heels at college, and am like ahh how do they do that? I suppose some things are just too hard to give up. 😆

  6. me says:

    so do u wear ???????

  7. To college? Hell no. Do you?

  8. me says:

    no not at all, i like my runners

  9. Made by a “kuffar” company? 😕

  10. me says:

    ahhahahahahahahhahahha, ooooooooooooh my sides are aching 😀 .
    Then u must make yr own shoes.

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