Let it go!

Seriously, I am so done with the topic of marriage. Everyone, just chill out. Mother, stop talking about those weirdos. Bro, stop stressing out that I let a “good catch” go, and maybe we can do something to bring it back. You’re making me crazy, you’re making me want to fly in the rings of Jupiter. I am going absolutely nuts with you all obsessing about these users and losers of humanity.

Don’t worry. I am happy with my decision. I am at peace. I look in front of me and see a future that is my own. I look behind me and see a life that has been blessed in all ways, big and small. If there is ever a man who can accept my good and help me overcome my bad qualities, and make me as happy as I would make him, then that would be awesome. But if not, then my life is just lovely…it’s complication-free, and allows me to focus on me, you, and all that is holy. By the grace of Allah, there is nothing wrong with my life. Now move on. Just please please please move on before I snap into a million particles of fiery nomadic dust!


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15 Responses to Let it go!

  1. theorangeninjawoman says:

    Lol. It’s ok. They’re just concerned:)

  2. mehreen says:

    LOL. My sentiments exactly. Not for myself but for my poor sister. What can we do except make loads of heartfelt dua?

  3. Yes, I completely agree with you! I’d rather stay single and happy than miserable and married! Sometimes people think that translates as picky – but honestly, one question that really has to pass the test – do you see this man as the father of your children?

    If everyone else around you is worrying for you, then there’s no reason to worry yourself (even about them worrying about you). Allah is indeed the Best of Planners : )

  4. TONW, I know! But wow I went a little crazy yesterday! lol (Nice name, btw!!!)

    mehreen, That pretty much covers it! Du’aa that my family can be at peace too, inshaAllah!

    Blessed Muslimah, So very true: Can you see him as the father of your children…or if you can’t judge him too well: can you see his parents/siblings as the grandparents/aunts/uncles of your children? Allah certainly makes for us the best of plans…let go and let God!

  5. aashely says:

    And sometime it seem that there is nothing importantin life than to get married,though its very necessary but to pass days just on manipulating is worthless….

  6. athoofa says:

    awww they must be concerned! inshaAllah they get over it soon.

    I agree with your decision. Its pointless getting married for the sake of it without being happy about it. Allah Knows Best!

  7. theorangeninjawoman says:

    P.s the orange ninja is the same old falsa:P
    I started my new blog, would want you as my houseguest or something there:P
    asalam o alaikum.

  8. aashely, Welcome! 🙂 Yes, it does sometimes seem like the world revolves around marriage! lol

    athoofa, We are on the same page! And yes they are concerned, some days more so than others lol

    Orange Ninja
    , wa’Alaykum Salaam… I look forward to reading you!

  9. ZH says:

    But… you should get mar… errm I mean… I was just about to forward that article on marriage to you… ah well.

  10. ZH, Do not even go there! :@

  11. Johny says:

    Hey, get married. you sound frustrated. Marriage will calm you down. Or if not so just ignore the topic.

  12. Hey, if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. You sound frustrated. Cooking might calm you down. Or if not, maybe another blog will.

  13. Johny says:

    Cool, buddy cool. Did any body ever tell you that you look more beautiful when you are angry?

    Calm down. Or you will spoil the cuisine.

  14. Johny says:

    So you couuldn’t stand the heat and got out of the kitchen? Not posting anymore!

    Plain sweet dishes don’t help always. Try green peppers or red chilli powder sometimes. That will bring variety in your cuisine.

    Oh! Yeah, of course, never forget the saltish touch either whether sweet dish or HOT.

  15. It’s called “Let it Go” for a reason. 😉

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